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Année 1991

Articles et chapitres de livre

Towards a Uniform Formal Framework for Parsing, pages 153–171. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1991.
Bernard Lang.
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We show that the informal concept of packed shared forest often used to represent compactly the set of all parses of a sentence w.r.t. a Context-Free Grammar can be seen itself as a CF grammar that generates only thoses parses. This approach gives a better understanding of the real nature of these forest representation, and of the parsing process itself. The approach can be extended to the parsinf of ill-formed input, and to more complex formalisms such as Horn Clauses or Definite Clause Grammars.

Communications à des congrés, colloques, etc.

A tool for abstract interpretation : Dynamic programming. In Actes JTASPEFL'91, pages 151–156, Bordeaux (FRANCE), October 1991.
Éric Villemonte de La Clergerie.
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We briefly recall principal abstract interpretation evaluation algorithms for Logic Programs before presenting DyALog, a Logic Programs Dynamic Programming interpreter likely to be an interesting generic abstract interpretation framework. DyALog ensures answer completeness, termination for finite domains, and computation sharing. Major resolution strategies can be simulated.

Eric de la Clergerie
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