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Année 1992

Communications à des congrés, colloques, etc.

Garbage collecting the world. In Proc. of POPL'92, Albuquerque (New Mexico), January 1992.
Bernard Lang, Christian Queinnec, and José Piquer.
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Subsumption–oriented Push–Down Automata. In Springer-Verlag, editor, Proc. of PLILP'92, pages 100–114, 1992.
François P. Barthélemy and Éric. Villemonte de la Clergerie.
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This paper presents Subsumption–oriented Push–Down Automata (SPDA), a very general stack formalism used to describe forest (“AND–OR” tree) traversals. These automata may be used for parsing or the interpretation of logic programs. SPDA allow a Dynamic Programming execution which breaks computations into combinable, sharable and storable sub–computations. They provide computation sharing and operational completeness and solves some of the problems posed by the usual depth–first, left–to–right traversals (as implemented in PROLOG). We give an axiomatization of SPDA and two examples of their use: the evaluation of logic programs and parsing with Tree Adjoining Grammars. SPDA may also serve in other areas such as Constraint Logic Programming, Abstract Interpretations, or Contextual parsing.

Eric de la Clergerie
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