ATOLL's tools and resources

This page is now obsolete. You can take a look at our software list on our new project Alpage web site:

Installatoll is a Perl script which helps users install locally the ATOLL French linguistic processing chain.
DyALog is an environment to compile and run logic programs and natural language tabular parsers for various grammatical formalisms (DCGs, TAGs, TIGs, RCGs). GForge page.
SYNTAX allows to generate parsers based on their grammatical descriptions. Recognized formalisms: CFG (deterministic or ambiguous), TAG, LFG, RCG, ...
ATOLL Linguistic workbench
ATOLL Linguistic workbench provides various components to setup and exploit a Linguistic Processing Chain, in particular for French.
MetaGrammar Toolkit
MetaGrammar Toolkit provides several tools to edit and compile MetaGrammars into TAGs. It also include a wide coverage French MG (FRMG).
(Atelier pour les LEXiques INformatiques et leur Acquisition) - Development of morphological and syntactic lexicons for NLP. Includes various tools and lexicons Lefff (French), Pollex (Polish) and Sklex (Slovac).